L.B. Foster is constantly moving forward, always looking toward the future. We’re working hard to be groundbreaking now and tomorrow, always keeping our world moving.
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L.B. Foster Expands Business with the Acquisitions of VanHooseCo Precast, Skratch Enterprises,
and Intelligent Video Ltd. 

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L.B. Foster's Fabricated Bridge Products: Fern Hollow Bridge Project

L.B. Foster's Stay-In-Place Metal Bridge Deck Forms are being used in the rebuilding of an iconic Pittsburgh structure. 

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L.B. Foster's Insight Rockfall Monitoring Installed for Canadian National Railway

L.B. Foster's Total Track Monitoring team recently completed an installation of their Insight Rockfall Monitoring System at Canadian National Railways (CN). 

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Pueblo Facility Welcomes Delegates From 20 Countries at ILCAD '22

In June, L.B. Foster opened its doors to more than 80 representatives from the global rail industry at our Pueblo, CO, plant outside of Denver. 

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Reaching For the Sky: The Vancouver SkyTrain

The Vancouver SkyTrain is a fully-automated, driverless, light rapid transit system with three integrated routes serving the Metro Vancouver area. 

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Our People

Lee B. Foster II Retirement

Congratulations to Lee B. Foster II on his accomplished career. Foster retired in May of 2022 after spending 50 years serving the L.B. Foster Company. He is the grandson of the founder of the organization, Lee B. Foster. To commemorate his retirement a library was dedicated in his honor at the Company’s headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This space will also serve as an archive for pieces of its history.    

Foster began his career with the Company while still attending high school. He held a variety of positions during his time at the Company, from sales to President & CEO to Chairman of the Board. Foster used his experience that he gained over the course of his tenure to drive the business forward, invigorate the culture, and instill the Foster family values into the Company. His passion, strength of character and accomplishments will have a lasting impact on our Company.    

We sincerely thank Lee for his exemplary service and commitment to L.B. Foster Company over a distinguished career and wish him the very best in his retirement.    

Our Responsibility

Insight into ways L.B. Foster embraces social responsibility as a fundamental component of how we operate.

Spotlight: L.B. Foster Continues its Sustainable Journey

"L.B. Foster has increased its focus on sustainability. In 2022, the Company invested in several initiatives to enhance its sustainability-related business practices. First, we engaged with a consultant to facilitate a materiality assessment to identify the most important sustainability topics to our organization. Identifying our material topics sets the foundation to build a sustainability program. Subsequently, managing our material topics provides a holistic perspective for the L.B. Foster enterprise, can influence financial performance and provides value to the marketplaces we serve. Over the next year, to educate our Company on business impact, each material topic will be explained during monthly virtual OpEx meetings, the criteria for reporting, and a high level summary where our current practices align."


Stay tuned for more content centered around our ESG and Sustainability!

Our Business

Rail Technologies & Services

L.B. Foster provides the rail industry with technology, products, and services solutions that help maintain the safe, secure and reliable operation of rail networks worldwide.

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Infrastructure Solutions

L.B. Foster provides custom engineered solutions that help build and maintain critical infrastructure throughout North and South America, Central America, and the Caribbean.

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