Quarterly updates from L.B. Foster. L.B. Foster Provides Materials for $30.5 Million DART Contract
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L.B. Foster Plays Integral Role in Supporting U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
L.B. Foster Provides Materials for $30.5 Million DART Contract
L.B. Foster Company announced continuing supply of rail and infrastructure related products used in the construction of the 26-mile east-west Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) Silver Line.
L.B. Foster Supplies $28M Steel Piling Contract for Major Florida Port Project
L.B. Foster Installs PROTECTOR® X FM Trackside System on Canadian Pacific’s Illecillewaet, B.C. Mountain Subdivision

L.B. Foster has recently installed its next generation PROTECTOR® X Trackside Friction Management (FM) System on Canadian Pacific’s (CP) Mountain Subdivision in Illecillewaet, British Columbia. This is the first of 46 PROTECTOR X tanks that will be installed during the company’s trackside lubricator equipment upgrade project.
Alternative Applications for Steel Grid Decking
L.B. Foster Supplies $9.5 Million Steel Grid Deck and Railing Contract for Ambassador Bridge Rehabilitation

L.B. Foster Company is supplying 132,000 sq. ft. of steel grid bridge decking and other miscellaneous steel including structural beams, railing, drainage boxes, and expansion joints to owner, Detroit International Bridge Company (DIBC) for the rehabilitation of the girder and truss portions on the United States side of the privately-owned and operated Ambassador Bridge.
Progressive Railroading's Readers Choice Awards Recognizes L.B. Foster

Three of our products marketed and sold by our North American Rail Sales Team won in the following categories:
  • New Products – Flood Monitoring
  • Innovative Products – Anti-Trespass Panels
  • Technology Products – Grade Crossing Monitoring
Our People
L.B. Foster Talent Management Participates in Penn State Diversity Dialogues

In early September, Nicole Wilson, Manager, Talent Development, and James Swanson, Talent Management Specialist, attended a virtual "Diversity Dialogues" workshop hosted by Penn State.

The interactive discussion event featured breakout sessions that covered topics on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The breakout groups consisted of a mix of employers and students, totaling 8-10 people each. Within each group, there was open discussion on three scenarios. The topics examined important themes about diversity in the workplace including disabilities, gender identity and transitioning, and race.
Our Responsibility
Insight into ways L.B. Foster embraces social responsibility as a fundamental component of how we operate.
Spotlight: Concrete Products Use of Recycled Fly Ash

3,014 tons of recycled fly ash from power plants has been used to produce our precast concrete products in 2020, eliminating this material from the waste stream.

In the cement production process, fly ash replaces cement in the concrete mix. By recycling the material for this use, we are reducing the amount of fly ash would go into landfill from coal plants, and reducing the amount of cement needed.

Our Business
Rail Products & Services

Since 1902, L.B. Foster has provided the materials necessary to build and maintain the world’s infrastructure. Today, we have begun a new generation of innovation as we expand to become a leading product innovator in mainline, transit, mining, port and industrial rail markets worldwide.
Construction Products

Construction Product Solutions provide products for highway, bridge and heavy engineering/civil construction and rehabilitation projects. In addition, we manufacture precast concrete buildings and other concrete products. This segment of L.B. Foster includes Steel Piling, Fabricated Bridge Products, and Concrete Products.
Tubular & Energy Services

L.B. Foster plays an integral role in each stage of the oil and gas industry, from the drilling and production market segment to transportation to refineries, as well as in distribution networks carrying hydrocarbon fluids and natural gas.
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